Friday, November 30, 2012

Frankly Friday: Holiday Stress

I love the holiday season. I adore trees, presents, cards, and all that jazz, but one thing I despise is the stress that comes with the holiday season. is always compounded by the end of the semester stress since I work at a university and I'm going to school. So instead of laying around and enjoying the Holiday season I'm working on term papers (stressed out to the max), going to holiday this and holiday that at work...and attempting to do it away from work because I have to have a life and then you know do stuff I want to do for my little family.
Yes, I want a good holiday - the last 2 haven't been the best for hubs and I but 3 is going to be the charm and the death of me. I know I am putting stress on myself, but I want a good holiday....I want an advent calendar, I want plans, I want to see the lights, decorate the tree, spend time snuggling with hubs and hot chocolate, but with all the other stuff going on I feel like I'm knee deep in tinsle, glitter, and holiday buffets and not doing what I want at all. End rant.


  1. Maybe put the things you want to do on the calendar.. So you won't stress thinking about it?? <3

  2. i am going to refocus on what is actually important to us...and my super cute husband pointed out that i do an advent for us each year just on valentines day with a 14 day count down of our love week - he made me smile and realized that love week is more important than our advent this i'm smiling and focusing on the good stuff.

  3. ::hugs::
    I know what you mean, as lovely as these holidays can be...they can bring a whole different level of stress!
    The best advice i can give you: carve out time.
    My mother always told me: We make time for what is important.
    If you want to spend this holiday season checking off a bucket list...carve out the time.
    In the same breathe, don't beat yourself up if something comes up and you aren't able to do everything you happens.
    Thanks for linking up!!
    Loved reading this!