Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Class, Core, Cluster, & Fiber

In my busy life that I love and hate all at the same time I'm taking classes towards a second Master's degree. I have to say though feeling like complete icky yesterday I rocked a presentation that I had to do. I worked hard on it, did alot of extra research, and presented a product that I felt good about even though again my pouch was not happy at all and my sugar was right there with it. I made it through and wanted to do a major high five to myself, but alas I didn't do it in class. So research from one project to the next.

Right now I'm busy researching core workouts to start on opposite days of my arms and legs. Tonight is Arms and Legs!!! I'm actually excited to do strength training - not necessarily because I'm seeing amazing results yet, but because I'm doing it and I'm at home, where I'm comfortable and doing something good for me, my body, and my heart.

Core frightens me even more than legs. I'm not an exerciser - not like this, so I'm intimidated, but I've found two sites that I found (feel confident in) that I'm going to incorporate slowly into my strength training. I like these because they have pictures, instructions, and you can modify them as you work up to it. One foot in front of the othere - here I go! Do any of you out there core train?

Looks like this cluster migraine might be back. One thing about my WLS is that no NSAIDS for me so I have nothing good the kills these headaches. I tried NSAID once last migraine and was so sick - no more EVER so as it comes on I'm heading it off and meeting my chiropractor this morning to prevent this. Last time he broke it and we have a plan of attack! Just wish I had meds for these migraines, but I really think it isn't a history of migraines it is more the stress in life that is going on with very long days at work, group advising, and a very busy life - which my husband and I both agree that we are slowing down and going to enjoy our holiday by taking time to be with us, in our home, relaxing, and doing things to rejuvinate ourselves!

But before I get to what 31 things I'll be doing over Christmas break as I'm pre-planning lets talk about Fiber. With my RNY I don't absorb as well and one issue has been fiber and lack of which leads to the TMI of constipation. Now with the diet change this has helped some, but I'm still not getting enough fiber and I hate this feeling so in addition to my fiber gummies which is going back into rotation I'm drinking some fiber too. Honestly I thought it would taste much worse and this is my first crack at drinking fiber. I know when you increase fiber you must intake the right amount of water which isn't that big of an issue with me as I drink a ton a day, but I just popped it into a bottle of water and went on with my morning. It is orange flavored and not too bad. No more gritty than a chewable vitamin I take. So liquid + fiber will hopefully make this colon a happy colon post RNY. This is the package I got there are 54 indivdiaul packets and I paid 13.50 for it so for 25 cents it is fiber that I can live with - though I like my gummies at night.

There are a ton of ways to get fiber into your diet. Since it is getting warmer and I've had a fair break with oatmeal, my oatmeal breakfast or oatmeal bites will go back into rotation. Oatmeal is a fabulous source of fiber and adding whole wheats too. Even though I'm not dieting and living a healthier new plate method of eating, I'm still focusing on balanced meals and this past week I have struggled. I really see the struggle when I don't take Sunday to meal plan - so this weekend while my super cute husband caters to high school football and the Cowboys press box - I'm baking, cooking, prepping for my healthy meals & thanksgiving that will happen on our friday while we put up the tree. So excited for our first Christmas in TX!

31 things for my 31st year Pre-planning
*Note: I have 19 1/2 things left to do my reading is halfway done!

Things that I am pre-planning for:
1. baking an apple pie - this shall commence the weekend of thanksgiving - i'm dying to make sugar free apple pie from scratch

For Christmas break I'm pre-planning for:
1. putting all my photos in albums that are currently in boxes
2. canning something - i'm thinking a jelly so Learn How to Can will be complete!

I can't believe its been 4 months and 11 things have been checked off! This has been a lot of fun so far and I can't wait to check another few things off over the next month or so!

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