Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Strength Training Arms and Legs!!!!

Yesterday I wasn't going to strength train. Had a long day at work and I was feeling blah, but then I got upset and had to burn off some steam so I went to my home gym. I did my arms and legs. Let me tell you the arms are becoming managable. Still rough to do 2 full sets but I think by the end of this week I'll be increasing to 3 sets of some and building. Legs are rough!!!! My legs are so weak and I can't tell you how hard it is and intimidating to start doing leg work, but I know I need to do it and that lean muscle will help stabilize this sugar of mine so last night I began. I'm starting slow with my legs because I don't want to get too too sore, but Wed I will be adding in squats and lunges. I will work up to add weights with them, but right now I'm using my body weight on the lower half to be my resistance...see there is a silver lining when you have some extra lbs on you!

WOD for Monday:
60 sec warm up bounce on the ball
2 sets of 10 rep bicep curl
2 sets of 10 rep tricep curl
2 sets of 10 rep forearm curl
2 sets of 10 rep tricep extension
2 sets of 10 rep overhead tricep extension
2 sets of 10 rep reverse forearm curl
2 sets of 10 rep arms straight out in front of me from waist to shoulders (deltoids)
2 sets of 10 rep arms straight out to my sides from waist to shoulder
2 sets of 10 rep arms at side bending at waist rotating left and right
2 sets of 10 rep barbells up lifiting and rotating left and right while balance with one leg up on ball
2 sets of 10 rep weight overhead meeting above my head and moving back toward my shoulders
2 sets of 10 reps for chest press

2 sets of 10 reps of ball toe raises (i put my 2 lb weights on my knees for extra resistance)
1.5 sets of 10 reps of ball outer thigh raises
1 set of 10 reps of ball inner thigh raises
1 set of 10 leg lifts right leg
1 set of 10 leg lifts left leg
2 sets of 10 reps of the leg ball curl

Now to work on the core. I really think as I add things into simple strength training that I need to focus on core. Right now I'm still sidelined with aerobic work outs so core training would be on my off days of Arms and Legs. I'm going to research great being core workouts that I can incorporate and start them hopefully next week.

Overall I'm glad I have the opportunity to have a do over today though I'm feeling no so good at all. Last night (maybe from the stress of being upset) food did not go down right and did not stay for dinner. I ended up not dumping but not keeping my food down and not being able to keep my pills down last night either. I took them thinking "ouch" all those vitamins are so big and my tummy might not handle it, but I took them and then oops...well I can't take more of my night meds so off to bed I went and slept poorly, felt poorly, and my stomach was not happy at all. Today I'm flushed, running a slight fever, and feel run down. I've stuck to softer foods and have kept my meds down and vitamins, but I feel run down. If I didn't have class tonight I would be asking to go home to go to sleep and skip the presentation all together - but I'm teaching can't do that.

Thought I would share the medicine refill process at my house! Monday nights are dedicated to doing AM and PM meds for both my husband and I. I do it all at once and fill fill fill! The only one not shown is my work med pack that I do for 2 weeks at a time!

Medicines and Vitamins

Empties - means that I'm taking all my vits and meds!

Night meds complete and day meds for the hubs!

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