Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Confessions

1. I love Hello Kitty. I'm not an obsessed fan, but an avid follower and know a ton of things like Hello Kitty's birthday and stuff about her history blah blah blah - ok so I love hello kitty! 

2. I'm obsessed with pumpkin in food. I have pumpkin pinterest board, I am hoarder of pumpkin recipes, and I've been baking through pumpkin recipes in a major way. Fall is the best, but canned pumpkin is year around. Ok besides pumpkin recipes I might have also purchased pumpkin flavored yogurt, and 2 tubs of pumpkin cream cheese this weekend, but I'm ok...there is a 12 step program for pumpkin lovers right?

3. I'm goal a list obsessed way. I have lists going everywhere and I think it is a little unhealthy, but that said I get alot done! So iphone - list. So my ipad - yep there is a list on it. I have task bar on my outlook, lists in my daily calendar, and don't forget the sticky notes...oh sticky notes!

4. I sleep with a stuffed animal. This is something my husband had to accept when we got married. Its been 3 years, we're still married. Stuffed animal is a hello kitty (hahah no seriously)

5. I have 31 things to do list for my 31st year and I'm loving checking things off and getting things done, but I'm also enjoying growing and doing things that I've always wanted to do! Check it out here But really it isn't about a list at all - I wanted to push myself to grown, challenge myself, and expand who I am - the 30's are the new 20s!


  1. Love this! You should share your list of 31 things! I want to make a list like that. :) I'm a new follower!



    1. MacKensie,

      Welcome to my little slice of the world! I'm excited to share my list with you. Here is is below!

      Here is my list (before I started checking things off of it!)

      Read 31 books
      Ride a roller-coaster
      Get my belly button pierced
      Reach my WLS goal weight
      Complete a 5K
      Sew a quilt
      Create a family Christmas tradition
      Take a pottery class
      Buy tickets to a pro sporting event
      See Celine Dion in Concert
      Organize all my pictures into photo albums
      Learn to shoot a gun
      Take a belly dancing class
      Buy an outfit that makes me feel sexy
      Have spa day: facial & massage included
      Bake an apple pie from scratch
      Go camping
      Get my diplomas framed—FINALLY
      Host a Harry Potter themed dinner party
      Take a romantic vacation
      Buy myself a right hand ring
      Get a passport
      Overhaul my wardrobe to be grown up
      Open my crafty etsy shop
      Share a beach sunset with the love of my life
      Get professional pictures done
      Print my blog about my WLS professionally
      Start to learn a new language
      Take a dance class
      Attempt the Rock Wall at the Rec
      Learn how to can

  2. So when it's not fall, where do you get the pumpkin for all your pumpkin stuff? Because I feel like it is super hard to find any time of the year that's not September - January. Do you just stock up on the canned pumpkin? Or is there some secret place to buy that I need to know about?

    And I have a huge stuffed horse that the husband kicked out of the bed a few months ago. I was devastated. lol

    Thanks for linking up, sorry I am a slacker and am just now getting to reading them!

    1. Hey Alyx,

      I actually have gone to using canned pumpkin - not pumpkin pie mix, but just plain ole pumpkin. It is available year around and I find it to be consistent so I use it. I tend to stock up during the fall because it is cheaper and I'm a girl who likes a good buy, but I get my pumpkin from Walmart, Aldi, Kroger...any local grocery at least in TX.