Monday, October 1, 2012

Massage Post Weight Loss

I love massages and it is such a great thing to splurge on, plus there are a ton of health benefits. Where are my massage therapists?!?!?! Virtual high five. When I was heavier, massages were something of a necessity when I was in pain, my hips popped out of place, my spine was holding 300 + lbs, or my anxiety had been acting up. I haven't had a true massage since my WLS in 2010 except for my super cute husband rubbing my back and neck (i still think I need to send him to have some massage classes how convenient would that be!)

This is the same smock that everyone gets - NO MORE BIGGER SIZE FOR ME!

I digress back to massage today. The massage today felt so different. My body is so different now and I could feel the immediate impact of rubbing, moving knots, working out tight muscles and feeling how my muscles interacted with the structure of my bones (that are totally visible!) It was really nerve racking and I only concentrated on my upper back, neck, and shoulders because I am still horribly conscious of my tummy areas and legs, but overall it was very relaxing, very fulfilling, and I felt so calm and zen afterwards. Thank you my best friend for getting me to knock this off my list, but giving me an awesome experience for being a thinner me.

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