Thursday, September 27, 2012

Just Because Friday: Picture Post of 31 Things for My 31st year

Just Because Friday
This year to celebrate my 31st birthday I decided to create a list of 31 things to accomplish. You can read about my post here and I've been able to do a few updates here and here  and here (enjoy checking them out) so instead of posting a boring old list this week and it being Just Because Friday I'm celebrating accomplishments with a Picture Post of things accomplished on my list :-)

I keep my 31 things list in my office @ work! I love to check things off my list (in pink!)

#18 -Diplomas framed and hung in the office ( I didn't like the hung picture this much prettier!)

#24 - Open my Etsy Shop check it out here

Examples of what's on my etsy shop!

# 9 - Bought tickets to a Pro Sporting Event - We are off to see the TX Rangers & support
the Frogs for the Cure TCU Fundraiser for Breast Cancer (more pics to follow!)

# 23 - Overhauling my Wardrobe to be more "Grown Up!" - I really do need a photo shoot!

31 Things to do In Progress

My Walk is October 28th with the Walk for Obesity in Dallas, TX

I'm walking with the BBGC - check out their facebook page!/groups/bbgirlclub/
Thank You fit bit for keeping me motivated to walk, walk, walk....oh and walk some more!

             #15 - Have a spa day - will be occurring this weekend thank you to the bestest friend ever!

#27 - Print my blog for me to keep by professionals - still searching  for the perfect price!

                             #26 - Get professional pictures taken - Need to schedule this in October!

Here is the list of things I wanted to accomplish this year:
  1. Read 31 books (8 done = 23 to go!)
  2. Ride a roller-coaster
  3. Get my belly button pierced
  4. Reach my WLS goal weight
  5. Complete a 5K
  6. Sew a quilt
  7. Create a family Christmas tradition
  8. Take a pottery class
  9. Buy tickets to a pro sporting event
  10. See Celine Dion in Concert
  11. Organize all my pictures into photo albums
  12. Learn to shoot a gun
  13. Take a belly dancing class
  14. Buy an outfit that makes me feel sexy
  15. Have spa day: facial & massage included
  16. Bake an apple pie from scratch
  17. Go camping
  18. Get my diplomas framed—FINALLY
  19. Host a Harry Potter themed dinner party
  20. Take a romantic vacation
  21. Buy myself a right hand ring
  22. Get a passport
  23. Overhaul my wardrobe to be grown up
  24. Open my crafty etsy shop
  25. Share a beach sunset with the love of my life
  26. Get professional pictures done
  27. Print my blog about my WLS professionally
  28. Start to learn a new language
  29. Take a dance class
  30. Attempt the Rock Wall at the Rec
  31. Learn how to can


  1. I vaguely remember seeing the TX Rangers play when I was a Dad was the sports fan, mostly I remember the yummy food! Taking a belly dancing class sounds like it would be really fun...and what language are you thinking of learning?

    1. Hi Rachel, I hadn't been to the Rangers stadium and I lived here for college, but it was nice to go and have fun with my husband and some friends. They didn't win, but it was a super good time.

      I'm really looking forward to taking a belly dance class. I've heard its a great workout, and I'm hoping to build confidence with my body and tummy just sounds so not me that I think I would enjoy it. We have a friend that drums for a troop locally so I think I'm going to try out their studio.

      As for the language, since I speak some Spanish, I'm wanting to learn Italian since its part of my heritage and one day I'll get to go see all the art.

  2. Awesome wish list! Good luck :)

  3. Thanks Jen! i have to admit crossing the massage and facial off the list today was AMAZING!