Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rough Time with RH

Reactive Hypoglycemia (RH) does not rock. It actually sucks big time. You can read about my diagnosis here , but today it isn't about diagnosis ait is about being mad...no angry (like shake your fist angry) at RH and what is going on with my RH and how it is impacting me. For those of you who follow me you might know what RH is and what it details [you can skip this paragraph] but for those who haven't here is some helpful information:
Reactive Hypoglycemia :What is Reactive Hypoglcemia?
Reactive hypoglycemia or Postprandial hypoglycemia (low blood glucose after meals), is a medical term describing recurrent episodes of symptomatic hypoglycemia occurring 2–4 hours after a high carbohydrate meal (or oral glucose load). Symptoms vary according to individuals' hydration level and sensitivity to the rate and/or magnitude of decline of their blood glucose concentration. Some of the food induced hypoglycemia symptoms include: [i bolded the ones I was feeling on a regular basis]

Mild Hypoglycemia
Increased or sudden hunger
Feeling shaky, dizzy or nervous
Pounding heartbeat
Drowsiness, feeling tired *** [this was happening daily and it stunk!]
Sweating (cold and clammy)
Numbness or tingling around the mouth
Headache or stomachache

Moderate Hypoglycemia
Any of the above mild symptoms, plus:
Personality change
Confusion and/or difficulty concentrating
Headache or stomachache
Slurred or slow speech
Poor coordination

Right now I am having a really hard time with RH. I went in and weighed in and I was 190! Now I realize that 190 is not the end of the world, but I shouldn't be gaining I should be losing. I was so frustrated. I was mad. I was angry. I was upset. I was scared. I was shocked...in fear...of seeing that number go up and not down. I cried.

That was all on the way back from the gym to my office. I then took a deep breath and called my dietician at my surgeon's office and she tried to reassure me, but it is so tough being in TX and calling to TN. I need to sit down with someone and figure this out. I need to be able to talk things through, see examples, heck I NEED HELP! Cynthia, my dietician, was helpful, but not all that I needed. I'm also in a pickle because my current insurance doesn't cover anything bariatric related.

Here is when working in the Insurance industry has paid off- I can't see a surgeon here, but I can see a Registered Dietician so I found one that specializes in bariatrics. Specialist = approval = in my plan = loop hole! So I will get to see someone and talk to someone because I'm lost.

What I took away from my conversation with Cynthia is 1) I'm too active - I'm walking 8-12,000 steps a day and not eating enough 2) not eating enough is causing my body to stall and not allow it to burn fat it is not hibernating 3) I'm eating all the right stuff but I need to NET 500-800 calories after working out - I don't understand calorie intake at all! 4) I need to add strength training and yoga to my diet of exercise to trick my body into not just loving walking.....and you know what I felt like a failure.

I didn't feel like I could do this. I felt like I'm getting fat. I failed. I'm only 20 lbs from my goal and I can't lose it....and I don't want to be that 300 lb girl again. I cried on the phone. I cried in my office. I cried to my husband and I know I cried out of fear. Fear of numbers. Fear of fat. Fear of failure. Fear of fearing this unknown.

So I have an appt this week with a nutrionist here in Tx. I'm armed with my paperwork, my fitbit readouts, my water logs, my lose it app detailed foot intake. I'm going to get educated about calories. I need to control the RH and not let it control me. But I'm still mad...ok frustrated...and it isn't so much fun afterall, but like my super cute husband said you've made it this far - you are healthy - you are happy - you are active....you made it...now the last 20 lbs they'll go when they are ready we need to keep you happy and healthy.

Here we go...RH I'm coming for you!

You know your a WLS patient obessed with Bacon when your co-workers send you pics of this!

Pictures from the Rangers Game last weekend :-)

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