Saturday, September 22, 2012

I Believe Link Up

I found out about this link up through Miss Heather (a fellow WLS) and you can see her super cute blog here She is only 4 months post op but looks amazing! I love following new WLS patients because they inspire me and remind me of the path to get here at 21 months out.

As I was reading her blog I saw about the I Believe Link Up. Heather inspired me and got me thinking about what inspires me and what makes me happy!

I Believe....

I Believe in love at first site.

I Believe in true love, holding hands, giving "fishy" kisses, snuggling on the couch, and fighting and making up over silly things!

I Believe in a good cup of chai latte with soy from Starbucks. Sometimes that just makes my day.

I Believe in serving others.

I Believe in, birthday, college traditions with meaning, purpose, and what it does to bring people together - and share memories.

I Believe in nose spray. Yes, nose spray - I hate allergies, sinus issues, and having small ear tubes, but nose spray has changed my world!

I Believe in advocacy.

I Believe in sharing my story and living a transparent life. I love sharing my journey about WLS, anxiety, depression, and taking meds daily. I share because I want to inspire. It is important for others to know that you can be a successful woman no matter what is thrown at you!

I Believe in not wearing masks.

I Believe in following your dreams one day at a time.

I Believe in having faith - mine isn't the strongest but it is growing.

I Believe in friendship - true friendship - a friendship that covers miles, time, age, and life. I take friendship because friends are the family you chose!


  1. Love this!! I agree with all of them!!

    1. It was a great devotional type moment for me where I could sit back and just reflect! It was alot of fun :-)