Friday, September 21, 2012

Just Because Friday: I love FINISHING things!

Aunie Sauce

Hello Friday, how I have missed you and I'm glad to see you back! I haven't linked up in awhile with Just Because Fridays and I love to link up with Aunie Sauce's blog because you get so many interesting perspectives. So here is my two cents for the friday!

I love finishing things. I've always been a list maker ( I'm totally type A and if there was an A++ I would be that too!) I love lists, I love crossing things off of list, I love everything about it...what can I say I'm a goal oriented list making nerd. Judge if you will! Ok done?

Since my weight loss surgery back in January of 2010 I've learned that finishing things are FUN. Finishing has many different meanings. There is finishing in accomplishing your list to do. There is finishing your chores. There is finishing a book, but there is also this cool feeling that I've found that I like when I finish products. Ok...odd...let me explain.

I get a rush when I finish a tube of toothepaste! I love it when I get to the bottom of my vitamin bottle and I get to buy a new one! I adore finishing up shower gel or shampoo so I can try something new. I take pride in getting the last drop out of my laundry detergent liquid soap bottle. I enjoy balancing ketchup bottels to get those last few drips to put into my new bottle. I swear I think I get this from my mom (atleast the last part with getting drips out) because growing up with a single mom you made ends meet and those tips and tricks have served me well into adulthood.

As a post op RNY weight loss surgery patient FINISHING has taken up a new meaning. It means knowing when to STOP eating and finishing my meal when I'm full. It means getting in all of my liquid each day on my waterlogged app and FINISHNG keeping my body hydrated. It means going towards the FINISH line of being healthier, thinking healthier, and cooking healthier to be able to finish this journey that won't end any time soon, but the uniqueness of finishing makes it an interesting perspective.

Going deeper into this finishing thing I realize that it is truly a strength of mine! I've been studying strengthsquest with my students at school and working through a number of books and each of us have distinct 34 strengths where some are more prominent than others. If you want to read more about strengths check it out here. I'm a follower througher! I just made up a new word, but it is something that defines me, my work style, my dedication, and commitment so though it might be silly to think about feeling good about an empty toothepaste tube or an empty bottle of ranch dressing, it is knowing that to me I'm using the strengths that God has given me to use my intellect, follow through, and FINISH!

I'm doing teh #shereadstruth Bible Study and this verse stuck out for me in finishing my race Galations 2:2 per the message "I wanted to be sure I was not running and had not been running my race in vain." I'm not running in vain, I've got purpose I'm running toward a goal!

Happy Friday

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