Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fat Jewelry

So remember those days when you had "fat clothes" and "skinny clothes" well pre-WLS i only had FAT clothes...no lie OK maybe two categories: fat clothes and really fat clothes, but I digress since my closet is now filled only with clothes that fit me and my body now! I don't have clothes waiting in the wings and I've gotten rid of everything from bras, undies and down to my shoes in all things that don't fit. Relief?!?!?! Now...yes then no, but here we are today.

As I was unpacking and putting away clothing and such I went through all my jewelry. I took it out, cleaned it, and untangled some things and as I was going through it I realized that I had two categories of jewelry: "fat jewelry" and now "skinny jewelry." So what does this mean? Let me share my new discovery with you. I have some nice stuff (ok all costume stuff minus the 3 real pieces I own: my pearl earrings from my mom, my diamonds from my hubby, and my engagement ring) all the rest are cheapo stuff from claires and all those stores I never could buy clothes from but now can! So outside the real stuff the nice stuff fit me well. I have a ton of long necklaces because when I was fat well short necklaces wouldn't work, I love rings and I have a fair amount of rings, and bracelets when I found them at Torrid that would fit my fat arms. So here I am sitting and going through all my jewelry. I had a huge realization....here it is - I've shrunk out of my jewelry.

My bracelets are too big so out go the bangles and the jelly bracelets that literally fall off. My long necklaces work well still and fit and sit better now that I've lost a ton of neck fat, but alot of the plus sized necklaces that I purchased are either a)really too big and bulky or b)just don't fit right. I've also had to realize that I'm going to have to part with many of my rings that are just too big. I hate that, but it's true. Time to buy new stuff that fit my tiny fingers. There really is only one ring that I can get sized and that is my TCU class ring which I will get done sooner than later, but other than that all of it must go! It's a relief in a way, but I also feel the same way I did when I got rid of my clothes - they have memories....they have life events attached to them, and honestly it was hard to find jewelry I loved when I was heavier, but I also have to move on. This alongside with ridding myself of the shoe collection (mostly flip flops and flats) I never imagined as part of my journey, but here it is in black and white. I now will have one category of jewelry and that will be pieces that I love and work with my current wardrobe! Look out world, I'm getting style :-)

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  1. Ugh I purged my wardrobe and havent had time to restock it.. So my fashion sense is failing. Lol. I know what you mean about the jewelry though. I would only go to like Forever 21 to get jewelry cause I couldn't fit into clothes!