Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Today I Weigh...

I weighed in today at the Rec Center....I wanted to see how things were progressing if at all, see if the exercise I've been doing was helping, and if all this calorie cutting was worth it. Let's be honest I didn't want to look at the scale and see the number that has been staring me in the face since May! I've been stuck at 188-190 since the middle of May. I couldn't seem to jumpstart it, I wasn't feeling good, I was dealing with the reactive hypoglycemia and the stress of orientation so my weight wasn't going anywhere fast. I went back to my basics. I talked to the nutritionist. I changed and slimmed down my portions, tracked tracked an tracked my calories some more and added in exercise in different ways. It made a huge difference and I'm happy to report that I'm down to 181 lbs!!!! That is 113 lbs down total and 11 lbs away from my original goal weight of 170.

I'm not going to make any predictions if I'll stop when I get to 170 or not, but I want to feel better and look better and be healthy that is the goal of all of this in the first place, but it sure does feel nice to be able to look at being under 180 soon :-)

I'm starting to be able to be more active. With the move comes a pool and I am liking pool workouts, leisurly swims, and ab workouts in the pool are awesome (the day of, not the day after) but no pain no gain right? So I'm going to keep up walking and pool workouts while it is nice and warm and sunny in TX. I can't complain and happy to have a pool again. Now to purchase water dumb bells and some ankle weights for water jogging and I'm all set...at least until after I move and get into my new routine.


  1. Yayy!!! So excited for you! I know you've been dying to see that number and it's finally herE! Great job!!!

  2. thank you so much! i realized today on the drive home that i haven't been this small since i was 13

  3. Congrats on the fantastic weight loss yet again! I'm not too far behind you, only about 10lbs or so. Hopefully we can both celebrate some milestones soon with this healthy lifestyle and changes! Keep it up!