Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Not Feeling Like Myself

Over the last month I've been going through some medicine changes for my sleep meds at night to keep the night terrors, sleep insomnia, and brain activitiy at bay. What I had been doing wasn't working so with my doc we tried something new. At first it worked great (meaning for the first week = awesome) then I started to get some negative side effects = increased daytime anxiety, not sleeping, hives, and nausea. So we stopped that medication, took a few days to regroup and then we upped my current medication to see if it did the trick. Yes, it made me sleep, but sleeping all go sleeping all the time is not going to help being productive. It is takine me 15 + hours to sleep it off and now my anxiety during the day is all messed up. So here I go with round three of this up the med by another half and see how that works. Now I'm still sleepy and exhausted. I miss sleep...real sleep...sleep that brings rest.

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  1. I'm sorry you've been feeling crummy!!!! Praying they figure out your meds ASAP.