Friday, July 27, 2012

Finding Balance #5: Reading

I love the power of words. I love the power of a book to suck you into a new world, a new place, with new people where you can envelope yourself in them and devour pages hour after hour. I've enjoyed reading for as long as I can remember. I've had moments when I ebbed and flowed with my like of types of books, but in the end I just am consumed by written words.

One of my fondest memories as a child is getting a library card and reading through the summer. I remember walking up the street to our Enoch Pratt Library Branch and spend hours in there reading while checking book after book out. I loved getting to know the librarians and I loved that reading transported me out of my time and circumstance to something new, exciting, fresh, and foreign. Even as I am about to turn 31 reading is still a past time I enjoy.

For Christmas and a going away present my lovely students bought me a kindle. It is one of my prized posessions and it goes everywhere with me these days. I can pull it up at lunch, read it in the car, at a doc appt and I get transported to where ever I'm reading and get involved in a character's life, love, and lessons. Kindles have transformed how much I read and makes reading and buying books relatively cheaper overall since I can get books for free, share books, loan books, and buy them cheaper for hard backs or even paperbacks sometimes.

One of the goals I came up with was for reading. "I love to read for fun and I need to focus more on reading for me!" This was totally an inspriration for Reading 31 books on my birthday goal list post. Since we are 24 days from my birthday I thought I would come up with some books I may want to read and take suggestions as well. I need to have a book list to get me going. Don't worry I already have some in the works for my list.

Read any good books lately? Anything you want to read? Any book you wish you read that was a classic that you haven't? Have a favorite author you want to share? I'm totally open for books to be read!

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  1. I recommend the Laurell K Hamilton series of Anita Blake books. I love the story line and progression and I met Laurell at Dragon Con last year and she is very awesome! =D One of my favorite series!