Monday, July 30, 2012

Anixety --- Food --- More Anxiety

This week has not been the best week ever for diet. When you start having anxiety attacks throughout the day and lose count tracking food and water go out the window. I started to eat what I want (in limitation) to feel better and if I wasn't forcing myself to be at work, I was in bed sleeping off medication I didn't work out at all so I know that part of me is out of whack. I'm admitting it and putting it out there because I need to. I'm not perfect - far from it. Life happens, but health happens to and the strength of depression, anxiety, and this medicine roller coaster I am has taken #1 priority for right now. I'm eating, but not great, so today I started back to using my lose it app. I'm letting me have an ice coffee from McDonalds and then I've got my healthy snacks and meals all planned out for the day. I can do this! I know I can and please know I'm not sharing this to give myself an excuse, but there are times things win out. Yes, maybe someone would of said get out and exercise - reality if I can't stand due to dizziness and my meds are making me too sleepy doesn't look like water aerobics would be safe, can't drive to the gym, and walking around dizzy is no fun. So here I am in all my post anxiety food coma - today is reset!

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  1. Rest! Take each day at a time!! You can do this but you have to take care of yourself first!! <3