Friday, June 15, 2012

Just Because Friday: WLS Edition

Aunie Sauce

Today's Just Because Friday is about things I didn't think about before WLS!

I would of never imagined that I could walk more than exact steps to and from a location -
now I can walk for hours on end!!!

I love to cook and change recipes. I get excited to create things that taste good, are cost effective,
and are portable with my new lifestyle. WLS is a lifetime committment!

I didn't imagine EVER that I could walk or move as much as I did. I got these TOMS at the 8 month mark post surgery and within 6 months I walked a hole in them = SUCCESS!!!!

I never imagined I would voluntarily take vitamins - like seriously its part of my day.

I can walk into a store and pic up a L or XL and it FITS! I never thought I could ever be "normal"

I never thought of myself as big as you can see above ( this is Aug of 2010) but it is motivation to never ever go back to being unhealthy, unmotivated, and sluggish/sick/on my way to death

I am working on a POSITVE relationship with a scale. It isn't all about what I way in Numbers or what Size I wear - it is truly about health, feel, and fit!

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