Sunday, June 10, 2012

Misc Post of Odds and Ends

I'm not going to lie this is my ketchup post of things that have been going through my head! I'm having one of those days where I'm plum tuckered out, can't think straight, and feel like I'm overwhelmed, even though I know that I will be able to get everything done once I wake up!

So let the randomness begin with the good stuff! Last night my super cute husband got me a ticket to the Sons of Thunder tour!!! Yes, I was able to go and see hottie mchottie Tim Mcgraw and finally able to see Kenny Chesney live! The ticket was amazing (we are lucky we didn't have to pay for it - perks of him working for the Dallas Cowboys) and I was able to go with a co-worker and her husband and a new friend Michelle (one of my husbands longtime buddies that live in the DFW area). The seats were phenomenal, the jumbotron AWESOME, the stadium was so pretty, and I just had an amazing time. Enjoy some pics from the concert.

On Friday night, we got to celebrate Justin's 33rd birthday with friends. It is our first big celebration in DFW so I was a little concerned about how our new friends would get down - but I shouldn't have worried. I'm really enjoying Justin's friends and I think they are becoming my friends too! It was nice to see some sweet faces, have amazing mexican food, and just hang out, laugh, and enjoy each other. Here are some pics from Friday night!

I want to give a shout out to two of my favorite blog and WLS sisters who have made a huge difference in my life this week - we have never met and only connect through blogs and twitter, but it has been HUGE to have someone offer advice, understand where you are coming from and be able to start connecting through the interwebs. I can't wait to actually meet Sam and Christina one day! You really should check out their blogs (you can do so by clicking their names!) I've been having a roller coaster with eating, stress, anxiety, and feeling lonely. I'm going through a period in my life where I want to do more, be more, and not be alone - sometimes you have to face the demons of the old you and it has been great to know these girls, know these stories, and have them be there even through a tweet when I feel low! So thanks is a glass raised of protein drinkage that we can celebrate for all that we've already lost!!!

Today will be another busy day. It is my 18 month surgiversary today and tonight we are celebrating Justin's bday present with a trip to watch wrestling (TNA) at UTA in arlington. This is will be my second wrestling show - the things you do for the man you love! In between I have to head to church, finish my paper, clean the apt, and get ready for another busy week of orientation at work. Hopefully this week won't kick my butt like last week did. Here is hoping!


  1. Lissa! Gla you had such a good time for Justin's birthday and so much fun at the concert.those are two hotties I would not mind seein live!! And I don't think I knew hubby worked for the Cowboys. That's pretty awesome!!
    And thanks so much for the shout out! You and Christina are two of my favorite people also!! I'm always here if you need anything!!! :) you are so not alone!

  2. Two of my favorite girls and two of my favorite country boys make this a fabulous post! :) he he Timmy and Kenny are HOT and only get better with age! Thanks for the shout out, glad I could be there for you. This journey is hard and it's nice knowing you have people in your corner who "get it". I've had a lot of struggles and right now I'm battling the inner fat girl food demon, I see food and eat it. Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you need anything. Keep your chin up and stay positive! :)