Friday, June 8, 2012

Just Because Friday

I'm linking up today with Aunie Sauce Blog's for a Just Because Friday! I thought, why not :-)

Aunie Sauce

Today's Post is on Hello Kitty: My Love for a Stuffed Kitty Kat

I'm 30 years old and it is no lie that I adore Hello Kitty. I never used to, but in 2007 on my way from PA to NE on the big move to the midwest a dear friend bought me a Hello Kitty stuffed animal from Build a Bear and my "kitty" has never left myside. This stuffed animal has been through alot with me (not pictured above) and kitty has been my anxiety friend, gone to the WLS surgery with me, been through multiple cross country moves, and snuggles into bed with me and my super cute husband each night.

I love her! I love that she accessorizes nicely with bows!!! I love that she is cute and loveable! I love the Japenese culture that created her and the story behind her family and friends. I think it is adorable that she is happy and smiley. I like that she is unique and funny. She has a twin named Mimi who also wears a bow but on the other ear!

I'm pretty particular about kitty items. I don't buy the usual. I like special things. I don't have alot of the kiddy stuff, but I will look at it. Some of the coolest items I have is a kitty pin made from a pink soda from europe that is totally unique. I have a cool watch and I do own a few shirts too, but overall I'm a kitty snob :-)

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