Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Where has May gone?!?!?!

Before you know it, June will be upon us. I can't believe it is summer time already. The university is quiet. My work week is very managable, and I'm moving into my summer groove. Summer will be interesting this year. At almost 110 lb and 19 size difference, this summer is already so much better than summer's before it! [I know it may be a shock to you that I've only lost 110 lbs but have manage to loose so much mass. I can only say that now I'm in the stage of building muscle yet I'm still shrinking. I'm very happy with my size difference and my doctor is a-okay with it...but it boggles the mind!]

This past weekend we had great weather in Texas. It was warm, with a breeze and it wasn't even in the 90's yet. For May this is a huge blessing. We took advantage of the weather and headed out to the Fort Worth Zoo. It was my turn to plan a date outing so we took a ride on the "wild side" and enjoyed a day with the animals. I absolutely love the Fort Worth Zoo. It is a great walk, not too hilly, very clean, and has a nice variety for the small zoo that it is. My super cute husband had never been, so it was also a good outing for him to see it and scope it out for when my boys come this summer from KS. Have some fun looking at pics from our day trip.

crocodile feeding - eating a chicken

harry potter moment in the reptile exhibit (i went in and didn't freak out!)

look at the wing span!

i just love his look in this photo :-)

sitting on the tortoise
 Over the weekend I did pretty well on the new eating regime, but I've been having an emotional week. We all have them and I munched on food on sunday. I sat around and snacked. I was feeling lousy (thank you ear tubes) and just munched and read. This was not the plan, but I had to admit it and move on. I'm doing better on eating overall. I'm not eating till I burst. I'm watching food portions. I'm choosing better and that energy is there, but I have to remember just because it is good food doesn't mean I can snack! I'm better with planned out meals and snack options and I do excellent at work minus the chocolate I had yesterday. This brings me to wonder did the 5 day pouch test work? Yes it did in some ways, but I think I need and know I need to incorporate some carbs into my diet due to sugar drop. I need to figure out how to balance sweet needs and wants with foods. This is the long term chapter of my life as a WLS patient and this long term thing is harder than it looks. I know the following things from one week on and now off - i like smoothies and i like fruit. if i have fruit at my disposal i don't eat junk. I like yogurt again and I like oatmeal - again smarter choices. I need to start bringing my lunch to eat portion control and i control my whole day. One thing that i haven't been doing is allowing myself slack. I haven't accounted for all the exercise and how its making me back to speaking with the dietician I go. I'll work this out - just one day at a time.

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