Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hello Friday

I don't even know where the week has gone! I felt like I just got here on Monday and here it is at th end of the week...I'm not going to complain at ALL. Looking ahead to the weekend, I'm pumped to have an extra day off because sleep has been avoiding me this week in massive quantities. I'm also thinking about doing some fun FREE stuff to get us out of the house for Memorial Day too. We are still getting to know our bearings here and building friendships, so my house is not going to be party zone this year - but watch out next holiday season.

This week has been one for the record books. Sleep is being awkward. I'm tired. I want to fall asleep - I do easily (with my meds) but then I'm waking up at 3:30...4:45...5:30...6:15 and I don't know if it is because I'm dreaming (which I rarely do due to my meds) or if I'm hearing something that I think is my alarm. GRRRRR it is making me tired and my coffee usage is up!

Even though I've been tired, I've been active and keeping my eating habits closer to what I like. At the beginning of the week I struggled. I've been hungry no ravenous and I think something is going on - haven't heard back from my dietician this week, but I'm going to call after the holiday. I just shouldn't be this hungry! Think...think...and I've got nothing. I did find that I was right - if I have good snacks I eat good meals and small meals aka snacks. Let me clarify something for everyone - usually when I say snakc I mean that I'm eating small meals. I tend to break up my meals into 2 for example breakfast may be yogurt and cheese or yogurt or fruit or a protein bar. I'll eat a "snack" about 2.5 hours later and it will usually be the other half of breakfast. Then lunch. Then snack - other half of lunch (usually sweet like fruit or yogurt or applesauce) and then dinner and maybe a snack - some munchy like but mostly sweet like pudding etc. I like sweets. I like sweets alot and I had to learn to turn to natural sweetness or things I made healthy with no sugar and that enhance my digestion and protein so sugar free pudding and yogurt and fruit (especially berries and melons) are my saviour. I get everything I want and still doing well calorie wise.

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