Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 4

Day 4 is all about firmer meats and adding more into your diet. I'm seeing alot of benefits even after the sugar drop yesterday.

Here is a list of things that I'm positively seeing:
1. I'm aware of my intake and quantity
2. I'm aware of fullness
3. I'm thinking about how much I chew again
4. I'm eating slower
5. I'm eating smaller and more often
6. I'm seeing habits and noticing things I can change
7. I haven't eaten candy at work!
8. I'm feeling like I have more energy
9. I feel good about the weight I'm at currently
10. I'm eating more healthy, snacking healthy, and drinking my liquids

Due to sugar drop and after chatting with my dietician this morning, I'm not doing so many liquids today. This morning I started of with the Nature Valey Protein Chew Bars for 10g of protein and low sugar too! I chose the peanut butter dark chocolate flavor. I've already had 16 oz of liquid as well with my meds. Now that it is around lunch time I'm eating a Fit and Active key lime yogurt with 6g of protein making my total intake before lunch at 16g.

Lunch is goint to be a 1/2 cup of diced baked chicken and yogurt with strawberries. I will eat what I can and then save the rest for later. Total protein for lunch is 18g which makes the total for the day is 34g. I had Fit and Active key lime yogurt with 6g of protein and my strawberries were 3g, my chicken was 9g as I didn't eat the whole 1/2 cup. I got too full an followed the yogurt and strawberries and hour later. I'm manage to get halfway through my liquid and plan to drink another bottle of propel on the way home!

This afternoon I went for a walk and picked up a tall decaf toffee nut latte for a snack and enjoyed it immensly. They didn't have sugar free but it was only 4g of sugar. I'm sure there was protein in it from the milk, but I'll have to look it up. Calorie wise I'm around 750 calories so far before dinner. Dinner I'm looking forward to because steak and veggies are going to be made tonight :-)

I had 4.5 oz of steak on the george foreman and now in my tummy! I'm a very happy girl with a full tummy and enjoying my day of 74g of protein!

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