Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 3

Today I am moving on to Day 3 of my 5 day pouch test. I'm feeling full of energy and feeling slimmer. I don't know if I've lost any weight, but I have a doctor's appointment today so I will find out and report back accordingly. It would be a nice plus to this process, but I'm not hoping for it.

This morning I started out with a smoothie. I'm liking the energy and the ease of the meals with the smoothies, so I decided to keep them in my diet for the rest of the week. They fill me up and allow me to plan out the meals. I'm finding the meal planning is the key to success. I need to know what is going into my body, I need to be measuring, and I need to be focused and not obsessed about food.

My breakfast smoothie was Smoothie #4 from yesterday

Smoothie #4 - "Tropical Creamsicle"
1 cup of milk
1/2 banana sliced thin
3 tsbp of strawberries (pre-sweetened with splenda)
2 heaping tbsp of dices pinneapple and some juice
Protein Count
Milk = 8g
Banana = 1 g
Strawberries = 2g
Total = 11g

I followed breakfast with meds and vitamins for the day and a bottle of propel zero grape flavored. My snack this morning with a Fit & Active Key Lime Yogurt with 4 tsp of granola mixed into it. Total protein with yogurt is 17g.

I headed off to the chiropractor to get re-aligned and I'm feeling the good effects of being adjusted. My body is working a little better and my stretches are helping. Got to remember to do those crunches tonight!

Lunch today I added in some additional protein. I have a 1/4 cup of diced baked chicken that I made last night. I baked chicken breasts with garlic, pepper, and some Miss Dash's italian seasonsing. Yummy! Chicken total was 9 g of protein bringing my total protein to 26g. I also made my sweet and tart smoothie. It was very delicious.

Smoothie #3 - "Sweet and Tart"
6 oz of OJ
1 small handful of blackberries
1/2 cup of strawberries (that I had pre-sweetened with splenda)
Note: I added more OJ this time to make it more drinkable with the berries and to increase the sweet flavor that I was craving

Protein Count
Strawberries = 2.5g
Total protein so far =31.5g

I started sipping a little bit of my smoothie and realized I was full so I stopped! I put it back in the fridge and will finish it off later in the day. I'm so proud of myself for realizing this new sensation again and I'm surprised at how quickly I'm feeling the difference. Something that I made a note of myself for is that if I have healthy options to eat at work - I'm not eating the candy! I'm not craving bad sweets. I don't think I'll ever lose my sweet tooth, but fruit, yogurt, and those things are good for me, my protein intake, and making this my lifestyle choice!

Doctor's appt was awesome! I'm weighing in 187-188 (different scales say different things!) and I'm feeling some shrinkage in the skin :-) I can now wear a size 14 :-) Yippee!!! I am also going to start taking chloesterol meds. At first I was dissapointed, but the chloesterol issue is genetic and hereditary and I'm a firm believer in prevention. It isn't what I initially wanted, but after all this work I don't want to be unhealthy! So I'm taking simistatin at night now to kick that bad choloesterol down! Right now it is 178 and I need to get it to a 100. I can do it!

Dinner was mexican inn cafe last night. I realized when I got home I was ravenous and after drinking a bottle of propel and waiting a bit, nothing changed so I grade a small handful of diced chicken I had made and headed off to dinner (since I know I would have to wait). At dinner I started feeling light headed and I didn't have my sugar meter with me to check my sugar, so I ate some chips with salsa. More salsa than chips! Then I had a taco salad minus the lettuce so beef, tomatos, cheese, and salsa. Not to bad. I ate till I was full and took the rest home. Then hubs and I ran a few errands at Walmart. During our drip I got intensly sick. I was lightheaded, dizzy, nauseous, and I got anxious. I had major sugar drop so much so that we ended up buying me some nutter butters to get the sugar up fast. I ate them (even though they didn't taste all that great) and I started to feel better. I hydrated alot when I got home and took my medicine to sleep.

I realized that controlling my diet this way is a little much for me. I can't tell what the factors were in the sugar drop, but it happened. I'm feeling better this morning, but scared to have it happened again. Thank goodness I was with my husband!

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