Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Woes of Snacking

This weekend has had some great revelations - enter in snacking. My super cute husband and I went to a bbq with friends on friday night. I had the first really great hang out with grown ups, make new friends, be with the wives/gf meeting since coming to TX with my husbands buddies. That in an of itself is a good thing and I look forward to more gatherings. I ate pretty ok considering I was not in my environment complete with yummy bbq chicken, a few bites of steak, a few shrimp cocktails and one or two chips with dip. Not bad over all. I even had a little ice cream for dessert. This is where the revelation came through.

There is a reason I don't buy ice cream or chips. If I have them, I eat them. I snack. I munch. I eat. I graze. I wake up and want them. I crave. All of these things are not good and usually it is the brain that wants them and not the tummy, but yet I find myself there in a moment munching and eating. Ugh. Not a good thing at all!

I know snacking and grazing is bad. I've been trained to not do it, but still I have found myself doing it and I don't like it. I am glad that I was able to recognize it, but I'm not going to beat myself up over it. I'm going to recognize it, journal about it, and make better choices. So when I went grocery shopping yesterday, I got my essentials back in my diet, picked up some great strawberries, grapes, yogurt, and even some granola to add to my yogurt in the morning. I got some great yummy chicken breasts to cook for lunch and / or dinner, and I'm planning to cook the amazing summer squash that I have on my counter. Focus - good veggies, good fruits, good sugar free and low calorie items, and lots of liquid. I can do this.

Do you ever get caught snacking? Do you catch yourself grazing because your at a party or social gathering instead of sticking to your plate? Do you take items to pot lucks that you know you can eat? These are all things I'm learning to work about you?

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  1. I love snacking. It is a pretty bad habit of mine too!! I def graze at social events and other events. Right now I use the excuse of the pregnancy but after, I will have to start all over again. One thing I don't do though is take bad dishes to potluck, I am usually the only one who takes the healthy dishes lol.

    Glad you had this revelation though and helped me to get mine!