Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Loose Skin Predicament

Today I went shopping voluntarily. I'm ready to buy clothes and I had to start somewhere and thanks to my dear Mandy, I am now armed with what will look good on me and have confidence to try stuff on! I felt like I did a ton of firsts today. Let's review:

1. I found out I can fit into GAP Clothes. I put on a size 14 dress and size L shirt. Holla!
2. I found out I can fit into Agaci Too size L.
3. I tried on and fit into size L dress at Forever 21.
4. I bought my first pair of heels - yes, I now own black sling back wedges. I'm in love!
5. I purchased new bras! This might not seem like a big deal, but I've finally slowed to shrinking and can try out new ones and this my dear friends was a huge process.

Ironically shopping was successful in the trying on phase, but not in the purchasing phase. I have fun into 2 issues that keep coming up - 1) my loose skin (on my tummy especially my lower abdomen area) is getting in the way of things feeling comfortable and 2) my boobs are too big for clothes I want! Ok, I'm sure you are laughing and it is comical. I'm not going to lie. Mandy and I laughed about it at The Limited last weekend, and today my husband laughed with me and was like "not such a bad problem to have honey," and I can definitely say it isn't a horrible problem to have, but when I want to fit into Forever 21 it is a big issue, when The Limited clothes stretch too tight it is an issue and it is something that I never used to have an issue with but new body has new rules and I guess that a lot of things shrunk, just not this area. Please don't think I'm whining, I have a lot of friends that have had WLS and they end up needing / wanting breast implants because they lost so much that they feel "deflated" and I don't have that issue, but as it is not making clothes shopping easy.

I think I spent around 3 hours trying things on, saying yes or no, seeing and trying on prints, went to multiple stores and determined that I was done for the day and ended up with new bras, shoes, and a dress with a crazy good hair cut! I'm not going to be negative about it because really I ended up with a lot of good feelings, good information, and found I like a lot of GAP stuff that is uber expensive! All in all a good day and that I'm going to stick to staples right now to build a wardrobe and pick and choose my items to build a summer collection. Time to purge through old t-shirts, sweaters, and things are too big. I haven't done a large purge since pre-TX move, but the time has come to rid the fat clothes and go into the land of clothes that fit!!! Wish me luck - the closet is scary :-)

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