Monday, April 2, 2012

What's Going On Round Here

The past few weeks have been a blur maybe because it is advising season and the new rhythmn of my job hasn't completely caught up to me, but I've seen so many students and seen so many course numbers that my mind is jumbled. Yes...brain fried from seeing over 100 students a week plus walk ins. I'll be glad when they sign up for classes and aren't frustrated, franctic, and panicky. Whew....let me tell you it has worn me out.

Life in general has been busy. I'm loving my job even the crazy kiddos and I'm loving being at TCU. I have amazing co-workers and I have a job that pushes me into new territory. All around its a good thing, but it has provided job stressors that I'm learning to deal with. I hate making mistakes and I'm learning that mistakes happen, we catch them, we fix them. I'm glad my boss is so great about this. She is a blessing sent from above that loves on me even when I mix up classes with the same course number on top of the 1000 changes in curriculum this year! But I is good. Really good - so good I got season football and basketball tickets. Yep, this Horn Frog is now a season ticket holder. Love it and can't wait to see games live in the Big 12. Super excited....ok digression over on the job.

Hubs is working...still weird hours, but better hours. The hours are ideal for him really and besides having to work on the weekend (1 day) it works out where I get to see him everyday and that is a nice change for the 6+ weeks where I saw him maybe 20 hours a week. He likes his job and I like that he is getting a raise soon...let me be honest by saying financial stress sucks. I can't wait for things to be all right with the world again - not perfect just better - and it be the end of June already so we are in the new apt with my own washer and dryer.

Let me just vent by saying I'm ready for stability. We have been working towards this for so long and stability and "to just be" is a huge priority in our lives. We are making one last move to a new place in June for many reasons, but it will be a good move for us. We need it emotionally, location wise, and for the washer dryer capabilities, but it is hard to be stuck in an inbetween again.....I'm ready for roots real roots and we are starting to make them slowly here.

In the last few weeks we've been able to hang out with Leanna and Jeff who are hilariously funny and I adore them. I'm so glad our husbands get along well too. I wish I could spend more time with her and her girls - they are beautiful. This weekend coming up we are looking forward to the Scarborough Renassaince Fair with friends and we'll get to do some fun things. Yes, I'm riding an elephant and a camel. I'm going to rock this!!!! I'm so excited to do it now that I'm skinnier. Seriously it will be the best day ever! (now you think I can get my husband to do it ?)

I've been spending alot of time crafting. I'm learning to sew and have successfully learned to convert old pants into skinny jeans and skinny khakis to save money and make me feel better in my clothes. I've completed two skirts with a sash, and I will probably end up making curtains for the new house too. I've really enjoyed crafting and making things for my office, friends, and enjoying just spending time with me and allowing myself to be creative. I've been reading alot and enjoying learning about my career and professionally developing myself. I'm also getting ready to take a class towards my doctorate as well. It is a process that I'm enjoying.

I'm looking forward to the summer months, warm weather, and pool time. I'm itching to get into the pool, work out, swim, and tan this old white skin of mine a little. I always used to say brown fat looked cuter than white fat well brown saggy skin has to look better than white saggy skin right?!?!?! Though I'm celebrating my sags because that is a lot of work to have accomplished.

I'm back taking my B12 and I'm not feeling overly jittery like I did when I had the horrible anxiety push. It is nice to be completely back on track with meds. I have my plan of attack and I'm just marching through. Now it is time for new doctors, new appts, and lots of new physicians in my life. Hopefully this will be the last time I have to do this for a long time because it is exhausting catching up docs on the massive amounts of medical things I've gone through. It is just long and time consuming - now just to get all my documents moved from one doc to another - that is a week a work alone! Smiles...must do it soon :-)

I've also made some new goals for myself for the next 3 months:
1. focus on embracing my body for what it is not what it will be
2. focus on my marriage relationship and being a better wife
3. focus on getting up and out of the chair and enjoying the outside weather- i want to use my ability to move more than I have been
4. work on incorporating different proteins and possible shakes into my lifestyle to make my protein points
5. enjoy life - more enjoy less stress.

Now you've been caught up on the novel that is my life!


  1. I'm glad yOu get to spend more time with hubby and that the move is something your looking forward too. I hate moving. I can't wait to actually be done moving and just settled somewhere. Like you, I can't wait for roots!!
    And I totally agree, brown fat is better than pale :)

  2. isn't it crazy what a little vitamin D will do for the soul! i mean in my head i'm all like "it will totally help my vit D count right?" totally justified, but honestly if i have to have loose skin bring on a little fake and bake!