Monday, April 23, 2012

Couch to 5k: Walking Week 1

I've made the committment to start to train for the 5K in October. Starting out I talked a little bit last week about first doing the couch to 5K walking version. This started this weekend and I'm very excited to have gotten off the couch and outside! Last week I was talking to my husband after he read my blog about this. He decided to walk with me!!!!! I'm super excited because we'll be able to do this together and spend intentional time working towards our marriage and our health. Last night as we were driving home from the airport, he stopped at a park in Hurst. It is a beautiufl park called Rickel Park and had a great trail. I didn't have my walking shoes on, but we took a good walk and went around the trail once. I do hope we plan to go back and I was really excited that he wanted to to walk with me. I couldn't wait to get to work this morning to start checking off days of walking even though my first thought when I woke up and felt my muscles in my legs, hips, and thighs was "maybe I should take today off" but I'm not sore enough to stay on the couch and I've come too far to make the committment to walk! So despite now feeling those muscles, I'm staying on track and happy to report that I'll be walking across campus to lunch despite those hips feeling the burn!

To help me keep track of the steps I walk I've picked up a phone app pedometer to help me measure some basics until I get get the pedometer I want. I'm interested to see how active I actually am and I always have my phone with me anyway so after much searching I found this app on the android market I wanted something simple and though I wish I had my i phone - pod - product for a better pedometer, I'll take what I can get as I morph into some type of athlete, but it doesn't work so well and I don't like keeping my phone in my pocket. So back to the drawing board for me. That is ok because that just means trial and error are good for the soul afterall.

In the midst of working towards walking my way to my 5K I have also made a committment to get rid of sweets. There is no purpose for sugary yet delicious yummy cookies, cakes, and candy because I have a bigger purpose and a tool to help me through. Now I've been liking the sugar alot lately, but it is an old habit that is dying hard and I'm re-committing to no bad things and instead chosing delicious strawberries, yummy melons, crystal light, fat free and sugar free pudding, and frozen cool whip and smoothies. I've lived sugar free before and I felt amazing. I have the ability to make amazingly yummy treats with no bad things in them and I can live life without ice cream, milkshakes, and cake - I can do this. So even though I might not be perfect, I'm committing to this because I can do this and I can be better...feel even better. Now just to weigh in in two weeks and see how I am doing. Last weigh in was 187 lbs.

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  1. Yay for doing so good on the 5k training! You are totally goin to kick butt at that!!
    And post some yummy sugar free recipes when you use them.. I need help in that dept too :)