Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Saturday

Today was definitely a great day. I was happy to be up and out of the house, even thought i had had a very long week. I started off by going to Frog Camp Facilitator training back at work which was so much fun! I'm so excited to have an opportunity I've been waiting years to do. Don't you love making your dreams come true??? I'm a huge dreamer and there are so many things I've wanted to do and in this new body and new mindset, so much is happening now. It is super exciting - but back to Frog Camp. I got to meet one of my student facilitators who is also a student in the business school, hang out with some awesome faculty and staff, and mingle with the students. I'm really pumped to get to hang out with the first year students, enjoy showing them Fort Worth, and meeting students outside of my bubble in Neeley. It is very very exciting!

It was a guy "date" day for the hubs so while he was off watching the rangers game with the boys, I headed off to Barnes and Noble, took in some chapters from the book I'm reading, and chatted with a very good friend for an hour or so. Before it started to rain, I headed out to the Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth to walk around and lightly hike. Yep, you read it me...hike! Laughable right? Maybe a few years ago, but I hiked around the gardens, took some great pictures and enjoyed myself. There was a wedding in the rose garden, so I cut my hike short since I couldn't hike down into the garden and sit among the amazing smelling flowers. I'm blown away at how my sense of smell is lately. I don't think I've ever enjoyed the outside more taking in the sun, the feeling of it on my skin, the smell of flowers, and enjoying myself. It is definitely a new feeling. Here are some pictures from my hike around the gardens.

Gorgeous flowers in the gardens and the smell was intoxicating! 

Enjoying my hike. Note to self - must charge ipod the cell phone just doesn't do my tunes justice :-)

Gorgeous ponds surrounding the perennial gardens

My favorite picture of the day! 

As close as I could get to the rose gardens. I will definitely be going back to see it more in bloom

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  1. The gardens are gorgeous!!!! Good for you for getting out and up and doing something. Especially on such a gorgeous day!