Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Change is about adapting and evolving. Right now there is a surge of that happening in my life. Between new work schedules for my husband, adding in things at work for me, and my forever changing body things are in transition. I've learned over the last 13 months that I have find creative solutions for problems. For example I focus on chewable, liquid, or powdered medicines when I can, but for other issues in life...creative solutions aren't always easy to come to terms with for me.

If you know me, you know that my nails are always perfect. It is something I picked up in 2007 and have done religiously every other week for the last five years. On one hand since my surgery, it has protected my thin nails that go hand in hand with my WLS. After years of acrylics and needing to take biotin now, I decided to take my nails off. Yes, I no longer have acrylic nails. Believe it or not I don't mind. The first week or two was weird, but now they are cut very short and my nails are healing. My nails are actually growing back in and right now we are in the halfway phase. I've been putting a strengthener on them, trimming, and manicuring carefully to get them healthy. I've seen a real improvement since adding the liquid biotin treatment on them last week and honestly they are looking pretty good. Looking back I always thought finished nails made my hands look thinner, but now with all my weight loss my hands are skinny and look just fine with short kept nails. Once my nails fully heal I will be investing in OPI nailpolish...I love doing my own nails and toes and now that I can I will. Wonder if I can talk my hubby into buying me a foot bath soaking massage thing?

I've also made a huge adaptation for shaving my legs. Yep, you read it shaving my legs. It is difficult to do with loose skin. Think of an elephant trying to pull up their saggy skin around their legs and that is kind of what my thighs look like so it isn't easy to not get scraped, cut, and look like I survived a bloody round with Johnny Depp as the barber so I turned to Nair. Best thing EVER!!!!! I love it. I can't believe it took me this long to find it - but cut my embarrasing shaving technique out of my life (or until my extra tummy and leg skin are gone!) It might be more expensive than a razor and shaving cream, but honestly after all of the new scars I've picked up I'll invest in it with summer just around the corner.

My hair is still a fuzzy ball of ...well hair! I've been trying a few new things, but honestly I'm still waiting for my moroccan oil. It got sent to the wrong location so I wait. I hope it helps because if not I might be adding zinc into the vitamins to strengthen the hair or have to get a dreaded short hair cut. Crosses fingers...I don't wanna cut it.

On another note I did something so stupid last night. I feel horrible today and am on smoothie / liquids to prove it. I had 3 brownies and ramen last night. Ugh. I felt horrible. Headaches, bloating, and my stomach hurt. I didn't throw up but wish I had. Today I took it easy. I had some pinneapple for breakfast and then lunch I ate some greek inspired food, and then i went for a smoothie king with extra protein powder. I feel better now than I did, but I still feel...ugh. Learned an important lesson. NO JUNK FOOD ANYMORE!

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