Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why am I hungry after working out?

I came home today ravenous after working out! I thought you were supposed to feel energized post work out and I do, but I never realized I would get hungry. I got our my WLS "bible" and started searching. It isn't uncommon for those of us post WLS to get hungry after we work out it stated, but I wanted to know why so I hopped online and did a little research. I found that post work out you need to feed your body liquid and protein. Liquid is for the physical liquid lost during working out and protein to feed your muscles. I then read that eating post work out is a good thing to refuel your body. Who knew?!?

I looked over the last few days of eating and I've been hitting around 1000 to 1400 calories per day. 4 out of 5 days I've met my protein goal and I've burned about 350 calories a day when I'm working out. I feel good about this mark that I've established and though I'm sore tonight and will have an off day tomorrow for cardio, I feel like I've accomplished something new. I also feel like I'm learning my new body and listening to it. Yesterday I did 5.0 miles on the bike and did my weight lifting circuit on the machines. Today I went in with the goal of doing 5.0 miles, but I could feel my knees getting sore and so I listened to my body at stopped at 4.5 miles at around 24 minutes of cardio. I kept my heart rate up and felt good afterward, but I decided not to take it hard on the weights today to prevent my pouch and stomach area from getting too sore. I didn't feel defeated since I listened to my body, I drank about 16 oz of water working out, and when I got home I had dinner and a small snack.

I realize that I may get hungry post work out now and I will adjust and focus on a healthy snack and drinking post work out as my body cools down. I'm not going to worry about calories right now, but focus on the new process and see where it leads me. I really would like to be able to drink a protein drink post work out, but I haven't had any luck with fake or man-made protein and I'm seriously scared to try another. I've done some research on a protein drink I want to try that my grandlil Becca has been using. It seems to be really well balanced and I'm thinking since I'm a year out I could try to add some man-made protein here and there. Definitely on the pay day list of things to get!

Tonight I'm hooking up the tv in the bedroom to be able to do a beginners yoga video. I like the idea of having a Wed night in with me and relaxation versus fighting the gym at TCU which is crazy right now. Now I know what it feels like to work out with the young kiddos - and in all honestly I've used the Rec more in the last two weeks than I did all 4.5 years at TCU! Go figure! At least I get to use my tuition dollars I spent :-)

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