Monday, January 16, 2012

Exercise Revelation

I went over to campus today and hit the Rec Center. Hubs had gone off to work and I didn't want to just sit at home and be enthralled with my HBO tv since I found out today that HBO GO has all of the True Bloods on it (Laurie you will get an email in the morning!) Being a couch potato has been awesome, but I knew I needed to get moving, so here I go to the gym. I almost didn't go because a) my cellphone was dead then b) i realized that both my ipod and my husbands was uncharged and c) i couldn't find my kindle. I was frustrated...I needed something to distract me while I was doing cardio and I had nothing. A couple weeks ago this would of stopped me, but I thought ok why would that stop me! I picked up a few of my magazines that I hadn't had time to read, my water bottle, and headed off to the gym.

Tonight I started off on the recumbent bike. I programmed it for the heart rate section and got settled in. I set the bike on GO and then I started reading. Now I've seen girls at the gym before reading and doing cardio and I thought "nah" no way, that won't be me, but I am going to admit it that it totally helped. I was reading articles, giggling, and looking at ads. I but the tv on with the screen and "watched" the news in between flips of pages and I made it through 23 min of my workout without realizing I had really been working out. I had a revelation of wow...this really would work. I get involved in what I'm reading and don't realize I'm actually burning calories, minus the sweat. So here I go to working out with reading materials - thank goodness for my kindle!

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