Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Rest Day

Today is my day off from the gym. I had planned on doing some weights at home, but I think if I'm up to it I might do a little yoga to relax with the added benefit of exercising. Right now I have 67 calories left in my meal plan without any exercise points! I'm really excited to see that it under my calorie count even with a chocolate cookie at a mentor meeting this afternoon!

I managed to get into a rhythmn of sip sip sip today! I got in my 8 glasses of liquid before dinner tonight which makes me feel good. It really comes down to easy "eyeball" measuring and making liquid available and tasting good. I had my mug with me today and took it to my meetings and sipped all day. It was easy to measure since I know my mug holds 16 oz of liquid and I had four today! I'm still not done, but it is easy to keep my visual "liquid monitoring." I had been a kick drinking zero calorie propel and zero calorie sobe so I switched it up to try some sugar free koolaid, but that didn't hit the spot. I'm kinda sick of decaf ice tea with splenda, so I took out my tried and true Mio and sipped all day. It was nice to have something different. Oh and by the way Walmart now has its own MIO brand with 8 or 9 flavors. It is the same make up, just the Great Value brand. I will be buying some on my next trip as it is a $1.25 cheaper than the Mio unless you have a Mio coupon.

After my workouts this week, I am glad I am taking a day off from cardio. Last night when I came home I was exhausted, sore, and I was no better this morning. I woke up last night with my heart pounding and I realized that when I do too much my anxiety still gets out of whack. I called my doc today and they suggested to keep starting back with the cardio, but to rotate every other day or every two days with a down day and weight/yoga/walking day in between until my anxiety stays stable for at least  another 6 weeks.Not what I wanted to hear, but I'm doing the healthy thing and responsible thing to "listen" to my body and continue towards overall health.

I made my meal plan for the second half of the week tonight, but here are some great things I learned from meal planning thus far. I found that putting my tuna fish into my bullet and chopping, mixing it all together makes it really smooth and easy to put on cucumbers! Second, cucumbers are filling with the skin and super low in calories. Thank you @eggface for recommending them in replacing crackers. I felt the crunch and didn't miss the carbs today. I also learned that my crockpot really is my favorite tool in the kitchen. I have used it for 7 out of 10 meals in a week, and it makes meal planning so much easier. I've had some really good recipes this week - still have to venture to make my cauliflower pizza crust, just haven't had the energy to do it just yet. It is on the plan for this week.

I've added a new veggie into my diet. I tried corn and have been able to eat and digest around 3 tbsp of it. I don't like to eat high starches that often, but sometimes you want something different and to do it in moderation. I've been able to have some sweet potatoes and corn this week and it was something nice to add into the overall eating pattern. Next I would like to try to add in asparagus as I miss it and really like the flavor. One of the items I want to get for my kitchen is a "george forman" like machine that has the grill, griddle, and panini attachments to be able to grill veggies. I also want to learn to roast, broil, bake them with spices to change up the flavor. I really enjoy adding a veggie into the mix, but veggies don't always come cheap so I've found - and sometimes you don't want to have frozen.

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