Monday, January 16, 2012

Making Most of Day Off

Changing jobs at Christmas has had a huge impact on my schedule and now that I've been in adaptation mode I'm finally feeling the change in a good way. I'm having time to work out, time to walk at lunch, and time to be active. I have time at home to cook, prepare food for the week, research and try new recipes, and I am finding the balance between work, life, and me time. I'm still working on doing things for myself, but slowly I am finding ways to do this. Today is one of those days. It is a day off from work and I'm not doing work from home! I'm not texting or answering emails and I'm just being which is nice. I cleaned the kitchen, made breakfast, and get my husband off to the first day to a new job. So here I am with what to do and I'm actually excited to turn the  music on, clean the house, prep food for the week, and head over to the Rec center to work out. I've got my ipod ready, work out plan in place, and I'm going to stretch these legs! I'm actually excited about time to clear my head and just work I'm excited to weigh in. I'm feeling lighter, feeling thinner, feeling good. Smiles in the hopes of having a good weigh in today.

I've made a generalized meal plan for the week that includes: sweet potato shepherds pie (altered with a friends recipe), cauliflower crusted pizza, veggie soup, tuna fish on cucumber slices, pumpkin pie oatmeal bake, yogurt and pears for breakfast, tangelos and cheese for snacks, and few other special recipes that I haven't decided on yet. I'm excited to eat on my meal plan and I'm feeling really good. It is a good change from being scared of gaining weight, knowing I was eating wrong, not having a plan, and feeling like a failure overall. There was a time for a change...and the change has come!

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