Sunday, November 6, 2011


I am participating with friends for a month of thankfulness on facebook. It has been nice so far for the past week to really think about things that I am thankful for, as I was sitting to write my blog I thought it would be nice to share what I am thankful for regarding my weight loss surgery.

I am thankful for...
* knowing that i will have a longer life
* getting rid of my diabetes
* coming off medication my blood pressure medication
* being able to walk up a flight of steps without heaving breathing
* being able to see my toes, touch my toes, paint my toes, and stretch!
* less doctor visits
* cheaper grocery bills
* being able to learn to cook as a hobby and to help increase my food options
* no more acne since surgery
* reaching goals that I thought were out of my reach
* to be able to buy normal size clothes
* to be able to walk in heals
* being able to breathe better and sleep better
* not becoming lactose intolerant post surgery
* sugar free items and foods that are plentiful
* protein enhanced food, drink, and more popular
* my support group
* bloggers that share great information
* for my therapist that helped me prepare for surgery and has walked by myside
* for my surgeon and the team that assists me in reaching my goals
* being able to have "dream" moments that i've only ever imagined....and they are becoming a reality
* to go shopping and feel like i belong in any store
* for my hair loss - yes...i now appreciate my hair, my hair cut, my hairdresser, and hair meds :-)
* being able to teach others about WLS options
* to be a face that changes others opinions about WLS
* to advocate for those that are obese and need assistance
* being able to have my surgery covered by insurance
* having a supportive husband that loves me no matter what my size!
* for getting rid of fat clothes and knowing i'll never need them again
* to be able to fit into a theater seat and have room to spare

What are you thankful for?

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