Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Belt? What's That???

So it has come to my attention via my loving husband that I, Melissa Bettis, need to buy a belt. Let's face it he is right, my size 16's are my comfy pants and they are incredibly big now and I...yes you read it need a belt. Now, you might find this odd - but I as the "former fat girl" have never owned a belt. You don't tuck shirts in and you don't wear belt when your fat so alas I've never had the belt buying or seeking out experience, but tonight while I was goofing around I tried on my husbands belt. Yes, I fit in my husbands belt on the very last hole :-) A huge accomplishment!!!!! So maybe I will re-think this belt idea...they might be a cute new accessory and very helpful as I grow out of my 16's and into 14's!

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