Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Medication Changes After WLS

All WLS patients go through it: medication changes. Usually it is coming off of medications, but for those of us who also venture through life with a mental illnesses like depression and anxiety (that is heightened by obesity) we deal with medication changes. I've had the pleasure of being pleasantly surprised at how my body has dealt with medicine changes. I have had some really high moments like coming off super anxiety heavy meds, lowering doses, but I've recently had the realization that for me and for my body - "we" both benefit from the addition of some good medication. So I've gone on the path the last two weeks with the addition, the doubling, the tripling of medication to fix my brain to make me feel like me. I'm in no way ashamed of this because it is a normal occurrence for those that live with mental illness, but also it is something that happens in life - in can happpen with anyone not just a WLS patient. So I take this in stride. I realize that I want a happy and normal life and I'm not letting my mental illness stop my WLS journey. This path has been so beneficial to me and this is just a bump.

My bump in the road has had some interesting winds and turns, but I have amazing doctors, I was taught some great things to manage my illness with, and I'm able to ask questions and ask for help. Ironically when medication changes usually weight changes. There is usually a large weight gain when pysch meds change, they effect your metabolism and your hunger levels. Everyone was slightly concerned, but for me I stated happily I would rather be hungry and not loose than be miserable. The other concern is nausea and the possibility of throwing up. Big concern for the WLS patients, but yet again I stated happily that I would rather be nauseous and take nausea meds or pepto to feel like this. All my docs are on board and we are staying in contact and monitoring me. That is all I can do.

To my surprise I've been doing well on the hunger side of the medicine - I haven't had that effect. I have also not had such bad nausea that I couldn't handle. I think since I've had surgery in Jan that I've had more nausea than ever in my life and no lie - I've "thrown up" more in the last 10 months than in my 30 years of life, but I digress - nausea hasn't been that bad. Yay on both accounts!!!!!!! I do believe that if you listen to your body and you treat it right it will treat you right back, so I'm listening, tracking, and keeping an eye on it. Today has been the first day in over 2 weeks that I feel a little clear. The fog is not around...I can think, make decisions.

I'm still not liking large groups of people and a lot of noise so those situations will come in time again. This is par for the course, so I make decisions - stay in a situation to see if I can make it through, leave, or medicate. Medicate is my last option and I'm working with the mindset I can do it! I'm really happy that I am being able to eat on my diet, keep food down, and stay true to both my WLS and my illness. It is not an easy balance, but it is one that I have an amazing support system to conquer.

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