Monday, October 31, 2011

thoughts from a year ago

I am invisible
I am here yet unseen
I am there yet unheard
I walk as just a passerby
Never to let my head hang high.

I am invisible
I have a black outline
I feel as if the world never colored me in.

I am invisible
But someone sees me as not
He picks beautiful colors and he colored me in.
I am no longer invisible
For in his eyes I am living as a technicolor angel.

He stands by me
He holds my hand
For he is not an invisible man.

It is so interesting to me to read back into my journals and see what I was feeling or thinking over time. The written word is so powerful and unique. It captures feelings in a way that I only think artwork can do. I don't keep a journal of my artwork any longer, but I do have items that I've done during specific periods of time when I've been happy, sad, depressed etc. What I think it really funny about this piece that I wrote is that 1) I usually don't write poetry 2) I have been struggling with invisibility for quite awhile and 3) recently I've begun to notice myself and to feel visible in new ways. There are many times I still feel invisible, but my visibility is something that I'm growing into as I'm shrinking. I just wanted to share it. Hope you enjoy it.

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