Thursday, October 27, 2011

One Step Forward One Step Back

In one hand there is happy news about shrinking and fitting into new clothes - though I haven't weighed myself I'm excited to see how close I am to the big goal of being under 200. My weight loss has been slow as I've been needing to focus on the anxiety management and dealing with my mental health, but I knew that taking on this journey there would be bumps and right now my road bump is anxiety. I can't get my heart rate up too high and I have to stay calm so if I do exercise it is limited to slow walking and just being active. Right now it isn't my first priority and all my docs agree on that. For once i'm not worried about the weight coming off cause it will...I'm worried about me doing the best thing I need to do - sleep, relax, and let the chemicals in my brain get better. At least I answered one question - me and effexor are bff forever and its the only medicine that cures me. So effexor and i are going to go steady again and my husband is a-ok with that! i hope you all find this as a joke...i got to laugh at something these days!

well to bed i go...and to sleep i will.

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