Friday, October 28, 2011

Despite the rain...Sunshine will come

It is raining in Murfreesboro...cold, wet, big rain and icky weather during one of my favorite holiday party seasons. I'm at home resting or attempting to rest. I've had a lot of break through anxiety this morning. I woke up in attacks and I had to medicate more than I wanted, but things are a tad bit better. I start new meds tonight so we'll see if that makes an impact in the next few weeks. I've been really wanting to revert to eating during this time, but I physically can't sit in front of the tv and pack away a gallon of ice cream. I can't drink my weight in diet coke. I can't even eat cookie dough for the sake of what is a WLS patient to do? My answer - be creative on my diet!

I will admit it I've had slice of pizza. I've eaten a few bites of a donut, but outside of that I've embraced my sf vanilla pudding, my cheese sticks, my flavored greek yogurt, and been rocking the oatmeal! I've had to get creative since I can't drive and use my pantry so I've expanded my greek yogurt flavors to watermelon and strawberry this week. These jello's were not sf but I used what I had and 2 tsp won't hurt my tummy. Watermelon was very refreshing and strawberry was extra yummy.

Today for lunch I'm wanting a little bit of carbs so I'm making hot dogs in a blanket. I took a hot dog cut it in half and wrapped in fat free low calorie biscuits. I will dip in some honey mustard or ff ranch and call it a lunch. I'll have another serving for another meal as well.

Last night I was craving salt and I really don't need it so hubs made tacos and I had taco meat, cheese, sour cream, and a little salsa mixed up. It hit the spot! So even though I want to eat eat eat - yes, even when I'm not hungry - I'm not doing that. I'm eating close to perfect on the diet, drinking my liquid, and resting.

I'm looking forward to feeling better and working towards the next goal weight, but right now focus on the mental health. With that everything else will come!

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