Sunday, October 30, 2011


The title of my blog is "pass go and be below 200." At the inception of my blog and this journey into my weight loss my title came from the idea of a monopoly board's passing the starting point in the hope that my renewal starting point would be 200. Lately I was wondering if I would ever reach it...would it even be possible?????

A few weeks ago when I started monitoring my weight in the midst of medication change, I thought to myself that the last thing that is going to happen is me lose any weight at all because medication changes usually equal weight gain due to appetite effects. I just happen to be on a medicine now that well...has made me gain a lot of weight in the past. So here I am at 201 lbs and going on a weight gainer I think "wonderful....!" I concentrate on eating right, taking in my protein, drinking my liquid etc etc...

I'm not a chronic "weigher." My doc has really stressed to me that to weight once a week is more than sufficient. So I don't even own a scale! I know shocking right - I know if I did I would be obsessed to the max. Last night I went to a dear friend's house. He is a WLS patient as well, but a bander. He has lost a ton of weight in his journey as is nearing his goal weight despite a number of road blocks with some medical complications. He has the ultimate scale and is where I weighed last time a few weeks ago. Last night he suggests that I weigh in. I think to myself ok why not what do I have to lose? heheheh so here I am in his garage weighing in. I put the bar on 200 and its too heavy. I place the bar on 150 and move the tab over slowly at 50 lbs exactly its not balancing. I decide ok I'm taking off these jeans and I'm weighing for real. I readjust the bar and it moves to 48. 150 + 48 = 198. There in the garage of a great friend I weigh in and I meet ONDERLAND!

I didn't know what Onderland would feel like but it pumped me up. Not only do I feel great weight wise, but my tummy overall is feeling good. My body feels clean, upbeat, and I feel like my body is working well despite the mental fog. I feel motivated with my weight in a positive healthy state where I'm going at my own pace and not comparing myself to friends WLS weights, inches, and more. This is my journey and thought it took me 9 months and 20 days to reach Onderland, the point is I MADE IT! Not that it took this much time blah blah blah. I MADE IT! I want to shout it from the roof tops and sing and dance in the street. Me...Melissa....omg I have made it to under 200 lbs!

I'm so proud of myself and so very proud that I have been pushing through all of this extra "stuff" and managing my food demons and appetite road blocks. I am Melissa and I'm a member of the Onderland Club and soon to be a member of the 100 lb loss club as now that I am 198 my century club mark will be 194. Next goal - 194. Next celebration - "Century Party: 100 lb loss!"

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