Sunday, October 16, 2011

Good Tasting Greek Yogurt

So we all know Greek Yogurt is yummy and its incredibly high in protein which makes our little tummies very happy, but for me I just can't eat it straight. Plain Greek Yogurt to me just makes me go eww, but I wasn't giving up because I know my tongue can and will like it. I finally found a brand and a flavor I like - I adore...omg adore key lime flavored yogurt made by oikos but if I do find it is rare and it must be everyone else's favorite flavor as well. So here I am sad because I love the flavor and alas can't find it so I went into creative WLS chef today and found a solution for me and I am excited about the possibilities.

First lets begin with what I had: 1 lonely single serving of plain yogurt in the fridge. I wasn't planning on baking with it today so I thought what can I do with it???? I got inspiration from a favorite blog of mine - She is a phenomenal blogger and I use her recipes all the time! She has talked about flavoring foods with gelatin aka. Jello and so I thought why not...let's try it. Now I do like things sweet I have not lost that since my WLS but I can't do sugars unless they are substitutes, so here was my "frankenstein" concoction.

1. take 1 self serving plain greek yogurt
2. add 3 tsp of flavored sugar free jello ( I used lime)
3. add 1 packet of sweet and low - you can use splenda, truvia, or others, but I really like the 'kick' of sweet and low in sweet sometimes
4. mix and enjoy!

I am really looking for new ideas on how to incorporate greek yogurt into baking and what it can be substituted for in recipes because my tummy just doesn't like fake or man-made protein like whey, though I'm willing to keep trying to find one that I can use. Speaking of that I'm off to email my favorite blogger for some ideas!

Today I'm happy to report that I'm a little bit happier and the fog is lifting slowly. Not quick enough for me, but I am a little bit happier than I have been and I didn't wake up so blah and blue. It has been a long three weeks of blue times so I'm hoping that my new medicine will go with my creative outlook and keep me moving and grooving. I'm off to make my small grocery list of things I need to go this week and we'll see how Sunday goes!

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