Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Weight Loss Bucket List

I wanted to share my bucket list of items that I have accomplished after having WLS. Here is my list! Can you all think of anything I should add?

1. buy underwear from victoria's secret
2. wear leggings
3. ride a bike
4. sit in a booth at a restaurant and not be squished
5. wrap my arms completely around my husband when I hug him
6. paint my toenails
7. be able to touch my toes
8. walk up the stairs without breathing hard
9. wear a pair of heels
10. get a free t-shirt from a giveaway and not have to ask for a bigger size
11. buy cute (not wide cut) shoes
12. try on clothes at American Eagle
13. sit in a theater seat and not be squished
14. have room in a movie theater seat and not have my "fat" fall over the sides
15. fit into my sorority pull over from college
16. fit into tshirts that I've made while working in housing that were too small
17. get rid of medication
18. lower my anxiety meds
19. have my face clear up = no more acne
20. breathe better and no more wheezing
21. able to pull my knees up under myself and sit on a chair
22. sit indian style
23. wear a bathing suit and not be embarrassed
24. get rid of my diabetes
25. sleep better

When I read over this list...I've accomplished more than I thought. Some of these things may be simple, but when I really reflect on them there is alot of things that simple to others were difficult for me to achieve. I'm really proud of myself that at almost 9 months out that I have accomplished so much of my list! YAY for me. There is a lot of things left for me to do and here are a few items that I'm about to cross off my list:

1. buy a tshirt from a concert - Sept 17th Taylor Swift!!!
2. walk a 5k - Sept 25th MTSU Homecoming
3. purchase a cute halloween costume - October...can't wait to go to the Halloween Store

I'm excited to cross these off and more!

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