Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bucket List Moment Achieved

Yesterday I crossed off a major bucket list item. I bought my first pair of panties from Victoria's Secret. Yes, you read that correctly I did it! I'm so very excited to get them in the mail in a few days, but until then I have to wait patiently. This achievement is huge for me. This is something I have always wanted...I've always wanted to purchase cute undies from a real woman's store. I achieved a major goal in doing something so simple to me.

Big shout out to my dear friend who loves me to death and thought enough of me to buy me a gift card right after my surgery. Mandy has seen me through so much over the last eight years and she always heard me struggle with not being "normal" and she gave me such an awesome gift. Right after surgery she sent me baby spoons and a victoria's secret gift card and pink bag. I have that pink bag till this day and it is a reminder to me to keep going...keep eating on my diet...to keep being me and just trying. So miss mandy....I did it! I ordered some real women's undies. I'm so excited I can't even describe it. I'm like a little girl waiting to open a big christmas present on christmas eve....life is so good right now!

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