Thursday, September 15, 2011

Time & Memories

Time is a funny thing. It is something that you either don't have enough of or too much, but rarely just enough. Needless to say time is valuable. Today I'm reminded of not necessarily of time, but of memories past and the emotions related to those memories. My memories are very intense...I think it has something to do with how I grew up and the emotions that ran along with those memories. There was a time where memories were not has evident as the dream of the future and since my surgery it has been so interesting to realize dreams...that now have turned into memories. Little things happen everyday, but today I was getting dressed and I chose to put on earrings that I had a matching necklace to; I haven't ever been able to wear the necklace because it would not fit, but this morning I decided to try it on so it would match and here I am wearing it. I was flooded with memories...of the person that gave it to me...the reason why it was it was chosen. I've thought about it all day in a small way and I wonder if I saw that person today what they would say about me wearing it...what they would say about me celebrating this little victory...would they care like I do?

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