Monday, September 5, 2011

Staying Accountable

Life has been busy, but over the last week things have started to get back to the norm (whatever norm may be in my crazy world of higher education!) So when I started posting about exercise, I thought that blogging about it would help me keep myself accountable. Last week I did work out; I did 45 min of zumba and I walked 2.5 miles. Not a bad week of workouts coming from not working out for a while, but I know I can do better. This week I plan to do 2 organized work outs: I'm going to go back to the rec to do zumba on tuesday and I'm going to try out another class as well. One other night this week I am going to walk on the track. I know I need to increase my walking and my endurance to walk my 5K in a few weeks so that is definitely on the radar.

I've also made the switch to tracking my food. Since my goal is to get closer to "onderland" time to go back to the old life of tracking making sure protein in and carbs minimal. After many apps on my phone and trying ones out online, ironically I've gone back to my spark people app. First, its free and second, it is the easiest to use because I can customize my food intake - aka focus on protein, state smaller portions, and not include items such as bread when I don't eat them which is nice. So after much work...back to spark people I go. I didn't want to do it, but after all that I've read and played with the android version is phenomenal and I love it. I also got the fast food calculator on my phone. Yes, even I eat fast food and since I do often have to make protein choices when I'm out it is the most accurate one I've found. It was 2.99 but well worth it when I'm eating at a restaurant (fast food or not!). I think with this feature this will also keep me healthier and more accountable. It's crunch time.

Ok here are some happy notes for the end of a long summer season...are you ready?
1. I went from a size 20 to a size 16 this summer :-)
2. Bought my first set on non-plus size clothes
3. Realized "I'm no longer plus sized!"
4. Gave up my addiction to Lane Bryant
5. Signed up to walk my first 5K
6. Passed through 2 weight stalls
7. Had an amazing 6 month appt for WLS
8. Realized that yes, I can jog a bit now
9. Cut my prescriptions to only 4 and have kept it there - necessary versus dealing with an illness
10. I can put both arms around my husband when I hug him
11. My husband can pick me up now and gives me big bear hugs
12. I sleep better
13. I breathe better
14. I've learned a lot about myself and my perceptions of body image
15. I've embraced being a teacher and educator about WLS and love that I am now an advocate!

Summer was tough for a lot of different reasons that aren't all necessarily related to weight loss, but what I have realized that no matter what comes my way I can face it. There are challenges and there are happy moments. There are tough times and there are sweet times. There are days when life comes at you with lemons and there are days when you get sweet strawberries, but no matter what it is how you look at what you are given. A year ago I would not be able to sit here and realize the balance that needs to happen. I was too far in my own darkness. I was stuck in a rut without hope. I didn't realize my life could get better. Now here I am content with my current situation, realizing I can do more than I ever dreamed and I am able to be the woman I always wanted to be. That it thought is just amazing to me. There are tough roads ahead in my weight loss journey and in my life, but honestly there is just one life now includes my journey. So, here I am embracing all that is going to change...what is changing...and what is to come. I must embrace the change to accept the new me. The time for change and acceptance has come.

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