Sunday, September 4, 2011

Size 16

so tonight while the hubs and i were wandering around walmart, he helped me get the confidence to try on a pair of 16 pants. i was so nervous in picking them out and more nervous trying them on so i picked up a few slip on pants that were size 16/18 as well. i tried the slip on pants on first and viola' they were too big. one look from him and he told me try on the 16s! so i went back in and tried on a pair of 16 petite button ups. they fit! i could zip them up and i can sit down in them comfortably. so we got them...they are pretty cute and i can't wait to get some cute button up tops to go with my new pants. it is still so scary to shop for clothes, but once i get there and not shop with the old styles and the oversize clothes i feel so much better. i'm shrinking and its time to get ok with my body as it is right matter what. so one pair of pants down and now its time to say goodbye to my first pair of chapter here i come.


  1. isn't it an awesome feeling to fit in clothes that you think are going to be way to small?! Congrats!!!

  2. thanks so much! it is a lot of fun to think about still a little anxiety rising for me to do, but i'm getting it!