Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fear in Numbers

My husband and I went to lunch today, a rare moment for us to sit and just be a couple over the last 6 weeks. I love spending time with him and just talking. I work so many things out just by chatting and telling him what is going on in my crazy head. So today at lunch I was talking to him about my fear of new clothes and the anxiety that I am getting attempting to try on things. Through talking to him we came up with the one constant thread that comes up when I am trying on clothes - numbers! Yes, I am more apt to try on clothes with "lettered" sizes rather than numbers. Numbers scare me...hence the fear of numbers or "arithmophia." I know that this phase of WLS is normal, not the fear but the getting used to my new body phase so I'm being normal, but there is a huge struggle. I NEED clothes and I'm in desparate need of help.

Help is on the way. I'm so happy that I'm traveling this weekend to see a dear friend. She is my shopping buddy and I miss her so much, but I totally am asking her to help get me over my fear of trying things on and help me with what is going to look ok with fit, age, and all that jazz. It's a really good thing...besides the fact that I get girl time, eating yummy food, and get to go to some fabulous stores that I haven't been to since I lived in Pittsburgh. I'm PA bound :-)

I will get to also cross a major bucket list item off my list - I will get to fly on a plane and sit comfortably in a seat without a seatbelt extender! How cool is that :-) So just to make it to Sunday.

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