Monday, August 8, 2011

Excited about Exercise

So I never thought that I would ever be excited about exercise, let me be pretty frank I was never ever excited by physical activity, but life is changing and here I am! I have made my exercise goals for the fall (post training) and I'm really psyched about them, so I'm posting to stay accountable.

Exercise plan:
1. Walking at the track at the Rec and walking around campus (when its nice) : Why? Well I am training for my 5K and I need to get my distance more comfortable and time way better, plus there is a theory out there by my friends and husband that I may be able to job.
2. Zumba - they sell 20 dollar pass for 30 classes who can beat that at the Rec. Time to get by booty shaking and getting back to "dance" Why? I need fun work outs, I need work out partners, and I have staff members and friends that Zumba so here I go!
3. Water Aerobics - again they have super cheap passes at the Rec so instead of doing them whenever I'm getting that pass too - I love the water and I'm not on lack of water duty with my ear anymore, so here I go! Why? it is easy on my joints, I love the water, and iIt spices up the routine.

I'm already crazy active and it is showing, but I need to add weights to the mix. I am going to buy hand weights and a balance ball. I'm going to start doing weight lifting at home and move to the gym after the labor day. I'm going take the gym weight room orientation and get a few physical training sessions - they are only $15 dollars and I think I am worth it!

So there it I need to be accountable and here I go. I realize that God puts things in my life when I need it and when I should be focused on it. Things have been pulling me and pushing me and God has opened a door for me to be able to work out, not feel guilty, and have friends around me who love and understand me why shouldn't I work out? I need to do this for me to make me feel better and get to wonder land. As of today only 19 lbs to go as I weighed in at 212.2 lbs. I want that lower and so I have to do my part to convert the flab to fab! Conversion needed :-)

I've made some changes already that I'm seeing. First, I found a no calorie drink option and I'm loving it. Second, concentrating on the protein and eating it first and finding some ways to spice it up and make it more doable. I've also gone back to some old favorites for sugar free sweetness. I'm finding I just love and want sweets, so I need to get them in when I can. I also am needing more fiber in my diet, so I have to plan accordingly. This balancing act is harder than I thought, but it is ever changing. I've been having a problem tracking food but no longer! I got a new phone that I am waiting on and with it and my android technology I will have a food and exercise tracker with me. Just what I need to make it easy to track. I know its the little things but I have to do what I need to do to make it functional for makes it better.

Ok y'all signing off for a bit. Got a ton of homework to do and a ton of work for training to do. Here is to almost 7 months being a loser and loving it!


  1. Aww so proud of you girlfriend!!! You are so worth ALL of this and more. Don't forget to make yourself a priority.. your loved ones will understand and support you. It took me waay too long to realize this.
    ps. Def def def use weights and strength training. You want to make sure your body is burning fat and can be replaced with muscle. Not to mention it helps with the skin.. :)
    Pps you can so jog!

  2. Yay for training for your first 5k!! If you want some additional support or a place to bounce questions off come join Sam, myself and a few other WLS peeps at We stated Week one yesterday! You got this girl!