Monday, August 29, 2011

A Big Day!

Today has been an amazing day. First, today was the first day of school for the academic year. My new students and staff were busy bustling around campus finding classes and seeing old friends. I was happy to see so many of my students from last year and to catch up with my old staff members. I made so many good relationships last year with students and I am so very happy that so many students returned to MTSU! Makes me feel good about what I do.

The comment of the day had to be that I'm shrinking! It was so nice to see those old smiling faces that went through this journey with me over the last semester and now they get to see all my work over the summer. To them I look really different and they kept commenting on how tiny I am getting and how I am shrinking :-) This inspired me to finally weigh in so I drug myself over the Rec and weighed in. I am 207 lbs! Yep, 207...that is only 8lbs away from "onederland" and I am so motivated to make it there. 87 lbs down and only 13 more to go to my 100 lb mark.

So since I was at the Rec I decided to go ahead and purchase my aerobic pass and sign up for my 5k! Yes, I signed up for my first 5k ever and my goal is to just finish it. I'm super excited about it and I'm ready to walk my way to thin! I am also hoping that I will be close if not to onederland by the end of september to celebrate 100 years of MTSU with my centennial weight loss. Kinda cool huh?!?!?!

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