Sunday, July 31, 2011

Student Affairs Busy Time

Well it is august 1st. It is my busiest time of the year, though this year I am healthier and have more energy than I've had EVER since i've started my career in student affairs. This excites me and makes me so happy because I am determined to keep up with all of my collegues and kiddos this year. Though August is my month where I break all of my rules - aka I stay late at work, I bring lots of work home, I don't sleep right, I don't usually eat right, and basically my life is a hectic mess and I rarely see my husband except when he is gracious enough to hang bulletin boards, put stickers on folders, and organize things around the front desk just to spend time with me! Well this year I can't break all the rules...I need to sleep, I need to eat right, and I need to sip sip sip and sip some more. I got all of the essentials for good food for training! Yep, I got my Sobe Zero calorie drink, lots of bottles of water armed with my Mio flavors, cheese sticks, and high protein snacks. I'm in the zone and ready to kick training in the butt and survive without being wiped out this year. Here is to 80 + lbs gone and feeling good during the busiest month of 2011 for me. One two I go!!!!!

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