Friday, July 29, 2011

a scary happening

yesterday was an off day. it was one of those days where you wake up running and when you stop for the day you feel like you are still catching your breath. yesterday was not the best food or drink day i've ever had - far far from it and boy did i feel the consequences. i didn't eat right or at the right times and my drinking was out of sync. last night as i lay in bed crafting to relax i suddenly got light headed, flushed, and the room was spinning which led to a nasty panic attack. the cause - low sugar drop. so this is what super low sugar feels like for WLS patient - ewwww is all i have to say. i'm still feeling it today, but at least i'm making somewhat an effort to be "here" in the moment. it was scary and something i don't want to have happen again.


  1. Oh no! Yesterday was an off day for a bunch of us!! Jeez! I had one of those episodes yesterday at work.. today I am trying to be on it! Feel better!

  2. Man, glad you are ok! We all have bad food/liquid days.. lately I've been having more bad than good.. Ugh!