Thursday, June 9, 2011

Protein in where?

Last night I was in bed watching the special on reality tv and I heard the most outlandish thing - the "Situation" from Jersey Shore is creating a protein infused vodka! Really? Yes...really! I thought of adding protein to things, and though I do not consume alcohol anymore, protein infused vodka wouldn't be one of the things that I would add to my diet nor would it be something that would be a healthy additive to my diet, but who knows it will probably sell and sell well. I on the other hand am going the more traditional route.

Yesterday was a good protein day. I am in love with my cheese cubes from Kroger and hit in a good mid range for protein yesterday. I didn't eat 90 but I wasn't at 50. I was happy with my progress and felt energized to do it again today. Started off today with my Atkins shake and will be eating some yummy protein for lunch. I love skillets at restaurants and I'm excited to get a nibble of some yummy steak for lunch.

It is ironic that I find comfort in cooking I think especially because my life still revolves around food, but now in a health manner. Last night my anxiety was all over the place so I centered myself and got in the kitchen. I made pinneapple chicken in the crockpot and made some quinoa. Time to up that protein all over so back to the grain that makes me swoon! I found a new way to eat it as well. I took about 3 good size tsps of hot quinoa and put it in a dish, poured some 1% milk over it about 1/4 cup, and added a tsp of splenda brown sugar to it. It was a yummy quinoa milk desert similiar to a warm couscous desert or rice milk that my dad used to make me. It was quite yummy and different. I now see how people that can cook with it and eat it like oatmeal, though I love oatmeal too much to give that up completely.

I've also started adding protein not just in me but on me! This morning I started using my Biotine infused conditioner to help with my hair loss. Surprisingly it smelled pretty good and though it is heavier than my regular conditioner I'll adjust. Add the protein to the hair to help it stay in my head! I realized that though washing my hair every other day is supposed to help the hair loss, I lose more hair when I do that. It is much easier to wash it every day and switch between the two conditioners than to not wash it and have the shock of the hair flowing down the drain. It is the little by day.

Today I'm looking forward to feeling level headed, being upbeat, eating well, getting school out of the way and I'm ready to enjoy my 2 weeks off before my next class! Sun is out it isn't too too hot and I'm happy. Looking up - YES!

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